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4 Fun Facts About Humor

Karyn Buxman

Hi, everyone! Karyn Buxman here – your favorite neurohumorist – dropping by to share some expert advice on using humor in your life.

Do you remember when you were a child and everything was oh-so-funny? When the silliest of remarks would send you and your friends into fits of laughter? When did that stop… and what does it take now to make you pause long enough in your busy life to process humor?

If you have noticed a distinct lack of laughter in your life lately, you may be missing out on taking advantage of one of the healthiest natural activities available. Let me explain…

Here are FOUR FUN FACTS about using humor in your life:

  1. Science shows laughter can actually help to improve your health. Laughter can help to: decrease levels of stress hormone, lower blood pressure, energize the body, strengthen the immune system and decrease pain1-9.
  2. Humor is powerful, and can be a secret weapon in your toolbox. You can use humor to take the lead in fighting the frustration, discomfort and emotional stress that comes with psoriasis. It’s easier than you think to turn a bad day around, by flipping life’s challenges to find the funny side.
  3. You don’t have to be naturally funny to use humor in your life. Using humor isn’t just about being able to tell jokes, it’s also about the continuous search to find and appreciate the funny things in the world around us, every day. Like I always say: “It’s more important to see funny, then to be funny.”
  4. It’s never too late to use humor in your life. The way to do this is easier than you think: just take an active role! Be intentional about it. Rather than hoping that humor finds its way into your life, learn to experience and use humor by choice rather than by chance.

So, take some time out of your busy day to laugh! You may just find yourself happier and even healthier in the process. With so much to gain, laugh it up!

Interested in learning more about the science of humor, and ways to use humor in your life? Check out our Harnessing The Power of Humor Report and video series.


Karyn Buxman, RN, MS, CSP, CPAE, CHP, is an international speaker, successful author, and neurohumorist, living at the intersection of the brain and humor. Ms. Buxman is a pioneer in the field of applied humor, starting with her master’s thesis in graduate school and now continuing her partnerships with leading neuroscientists. Today she helps leaders – and those they serve – achieve peak performance and optimum health through the art and science of applied humor. Her mission: to improve global health, business, and peace through laughter and heal the humor-impaired. For more information, visit


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