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The funny thing about Healthy Skin Month

No one suffering from psoriasis needs to be reminded to take care of their skin. It’s a 24/7 job with no vacation days or time off. Begging the question, how do you celebrate November being National Healthy Skin Month when your flare-up says otherwise? The answer may be easier than you think. You embrace the irony of it all and remember that being healthy is about far more than what you see in the mirror. It’s about learning to laugh and take care of yourself in ways that add a healthy glow others will see. No matter what that pesky mirror of yours has to say.

It may help to know that your body is full of healthy skin cells. Billions and billions of them. You just happen to have an immune system that attacks them before you get a chance to show them off. Which means you’re actually bringing more than your share of healthy skin cells to the National Healthy Skin Month party. That’s some serious overachieving, so why keep it to yourself? By embracing humor to tell your story, you’ll find people truly appreciate the positivity you bring their way. Not to mention the potential laughs that come with being able to make it snow on demand.

That’s because humor has the power to connect people and bring them closer. In an everchanging world that relies more and more on technology, humor reduces social distance and has positive effects on our health. And those effects go well beyond the simple joy of sharing a funny moment with a friend or loved one. In fact, numerous studies have been done around the health benefits of laughter and the findings are enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. They include:

  • Significant stress reduction1,2
  • Greater pain tolerance3,4,5
  • Increased blood flow6
  • Enhanced immune function7, 8, 9

Laughter has even been shown to improve memory retention, enhance trust, credibility, connection, and empathy.10 There’s a reason more and more doctors and nurses are now prescribing humor and laughter to their patients. And the great thing is those benefits will continue long after National Healthy Skin Month is over. So leave the stressing out to the turkeys this Thanksgiving and embrace what lies ahead. All it takes is a good sense of humor to appreciate the joy that’s all around you. To find out more, read the Humor Report here.


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