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Learn To Say Yes

Learning to Say Yes

In this dog-eat-dog-eat-cat-eat-mouse-eat-healthy or else world, there’s plenty of talk about learning how to say “no.” Which only makes sense. After all, people are working longer hours while negotiating their way around the stress of our always-on society. It’s enough to make you grab the thickest Sharpie you can find and draw an impenetrable boundary that protects you and your best interests.

But what happens when your best interests begin with the word “yes”? It’s one thing to stand up for yourself by saying no, but quite another to stand in your own way by saying no out of fear. Fear that others are judging you on how you look. It’s true that what may seem like simple, relaxing fun to others may not be so easy for you. Social situations can be stressful and intimidating, especially as summertime brings with it outdoor activities, hotter weather and less clothing. But remember: your friends don’t care about your psoriasis, they care about you.

The next time someone invites you out this summer, do yourself a favor and say yes. (Say it with me: yes!) You’ll find the time you share with others will go a lot further than the excuses you make to say no.

Of course, practice makes perfect. Which is why we’ve created a short quiz to get you on your “yes-ing” way. Answer these questions and see how you do. And remember, having a good sense of humor about your psoriasis always earns extra points.

A friend invites you to a pool party this weekend. You tell her:

  1. No can do, I’ve decided to stay in on days ending in D-A-Y.
  2. Gee, I’d love to but I don’t play billiards.
  3. Yes! It’ll give me a chance to show off my brand new layer of skin.

You receive an invite to a backyard BBQ. You respond by saying:

  1. Wish I could, but I get queasy at the sight of fun.
  2. So nice of you to ask but there was an incident with my cat and a brisket. I can’t… I just can’t.
  3. Yes, absolutely! Who doesn’t love a little ribbing with friends?

You get asked out on a last-minute date. You tell the person:

  1. I’m truly flattered but I lost my watch and I can’t find the time.
  2. I wish I could, but I’ve got big plans with my cats.
  3. Yes, I’m so glad you asked. Just know that I don’t let people scratch me on a first date.

If you answered “C” to all of the questions above, you’re ready to make this the best summer ever. If not, it’s never too late to learn the secret to a happier you. Hint: it all starts with the word “yes.”