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Have no fear, PsOReal Action Hero is here!

If you’ve officially given up the dream of becoming an action hero, you should know that August is Psoriasis Action Month. No autograph seekers or paparazzi, just a simple chance for you to be a force of good for someone who truly deserves it. And that’s you.

Psoriasis Action Month is about taking action to make sure you’re being as healthy as possible. In other words, it’s time to kick the psoriasis flakes. But don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of help. The National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) offers valuable information covering a range of topics throughout August—and all year round. Things like staying on top of doctor visits and finding the most up-to-date treatment options available. The kind of things you’ll need to take you to the next level – PsOReal Action Hero.

A PsOReal Action Hero believes in the power of laughter to help people with psoriasis live a healthier life. They are defenders of humor in a sea of itchiness. Protectors of self-esteem who can take down a skin heckler with one punchline. It’s not always easy and it may take some time to learn, but anyone can do it. Yes, that means you. In many ways, it’s the role you were born to play because a PsOReal Action Hero is you at your best.

That would be the you who manages to say “no, it’s not contagious” with a smile. The you who jokes about a flare-up looking like your Aunt Bobbie with a beard. The you who fights the urge to scream by keeping everything in perspective and using resources like the PsOReal humor tools to find a laugh when you need it most. When you’re a PsOReal Action Hero, humor plays an important role in helping you manage the everyday stress of this condition.

And the more laughter you share, the more you feel connected to others. It’s important to remember that with nearly 8 million Americans diagnosed with psoriasis, no one should ever feel alone.1 There are a wealth of resources and people out there waiting to help. People with the same challenges as you. People with the same questions as you. And people with the same struggles with their psoriasis symptoms as you.

But challenges and struggles can’t stop you if you can become a PsOReal Action hero. Nope, that latest flare up won’t take you down. Especially during Psoriasis Action Month! So, slather on the skin lotion, get out there and take the action you need to stay happy, healthy and laughing away.

To learn more about Psoriasis Action Month, visit the National Psoriasis Foundation.

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