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Summertime is No Bummer-Time: Grab a Bucket and Play in the Sand

Every season offers different opportunities. None more than our humidity-rich friend summer. Pool parties. Barbeques. Beaches full of people who can see every inch of skin outside your bathing suit. It’s a daily adventure for sure. Which is why it helps to create a happiness plan — little pursuits that can help you find joy and laughter in places you may not have looked before.

When you have psoriasis, it can be easy to get caught up in a routine that has you focused on your skin rather than on having fun. Where’s the joy in that? Hiding outside your comfort zone, that’s where. By making yourself a bucket list of interesting things to try this summer, you can unlock hidden joys that deserve their day in the sun. Just like you. And in the spirit of shaking things up, here are some ideas to get you started. Enjoy!

Read a book by a pool or in a park

Not just any book. The kind of book you’ve never read before. Enjoy murder mysteries? Read something comical. Love novels? Say hello to a sports autobiography. No one says you have to finish it but you.

De-tech yourself and explore the world

Once upon a time, there were no smartphones to suck us into a digital vortex. People engaged with the world around them. Remind yourself how they did it by turning your phone off for a day and surrounding yourself with nature. You may be surprised to find the little joys you’ve been missing.

Take diving lessons

If the thought of putting on a bathing suit isn’t intimidating enough, try taking diving lessons — preferably without a belly flop. Practice may not make perfect, but the effort behind it might just win you a gold medal for having fun.

Play someone better than you at a sport

How do you win when you lose? When you have fun doing it. And the nice part is, challenging people better than you will only sharpen your skills for the next battle.

Go camping and stargaze

A little perspective goes a long way. A lot of perspective can go on forever. Nothing like the great outdoors to keep your mind off a recent flare up. The universe is a marvelous thing to behold. And there’s nothing your psoriasis can do to change that.

Go to a public event by yourself

Be brave. Be bold. Be yourself. And feel free to do it where no one else can appreciate just how brave, bold and yourself you’re being. Whether it’s an art show, an outdoor concert or a county fair, you can turn any event into one worth remembering just because you were able to have fun there on your own.


If you want to feel good, do good. It won’t cost you a thing but it just may become the most valuable time you spend. Perhaps you’d rather not deal with other people. No problem, there are plenty of dogs at local shelters that would love to take a walk with someone just like you.

Take paddle boarding lessons

Nothing will remind you to embrace your sense of humor like trying to stand up on a board… on the water… on a beautiful summer day. Paddle boarding is a great way to put both your balance and patience to the test. And if you’re really feeling brave, try paddle board yoga. Namaste!

Take an improv class

You don’t have to be funny to take an improv class. And you may be funnier than you think once you discover how contagious humor can be. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have a good laugh trying.

Perfect your guacamole recipe

Some people enjoy a dip in a pool. Others prefer to show off their dipping skills by creating their own delicious guacamole. The trick is to experiment with different combinations of ingredients until you find the perfect recipe. Pro tip: If you really want to feel the summer heat, don’t be shy with the cayenne pepper.