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Tackling Talking to the Doctor with Humor

Whether you’re taking that first step into the doctor’s office or going back for the umpteenth time, building up the courage to tell it how it really is can be tough!

You may find it uncomfortable or unnecessary to tell your doctor about how your psoriasis is impacting the different aspects of your life. Beyond what is skin deep – the itching, pain and discomfort – have you opened up to your doctor about how “if this flare doesn’t go away I won’t go on this date” or “if I can’t go to work will I be looked over for that promotion?”

While it may not be a natural instinct, talking to your doctor about your personal relationships or workplace challenges is important. These conversations help your doctor truly understand the full picture and ultimately determine what is best for you when managing this chronic disease. We know, easier said than done. So how can these conversations be a little easier…maybe a little humor can help?

We talked to doctors at the recent American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Annual Meeting in San Diego to get their thoughts around using humor as a tool to help their patients deal with the challenges of living with psoriasis. Click on the image above to see what they had to say…