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Two is company, three’s a crowd pleaser

One of the challenges of living with psoriasis is learning how to open up and discuss your condition with others. It’s not exactly small talk that everyone can relate to, like the weather. And it’s probably not the first thing you want to bring up when you meet new people. Greeting someone with, “Hi, I’m Jane and I have psoriasis!” might be an efficient way to get the word out, but there’s a better option to smooth away the potential awkwardness involved. Simply add a little humor to the situation by using “The Rule of Three.”

Comedians use “The Rule of Three” all the time and with good reason – it works. Which means your skin doesn’t have to be the only thing cracking up around other people. All you do is state two serious things followed by something surprising or funny. For example, let’s say you meet a couple at a party and notice one of them staring at your skin. You could say something like:

“I see my psoriasis decided to make an appearance today. I usually cover it up with long sleeves, a scarf or my beekeeper suit.”

By introducing the fact that you have psoriasis and adding a little levity to the moment, you’ll help normalize the condition and make it easier for others to talk about it with you. It’s less awkward than a first kiss, and cutting the tension provides comfort for everyone involved. Like the weather, humor is something everyone appreciates, which is why it’s such an effective tool for breaking the ice. “The Rule of Three” is the perfect way to do it because it allows you to address your condition in a way that is both empowering for you and fun for others.

You can read more about “The Rule of Three” in our humor report. It’s a time-tested formula that can provide laughs, confidence and the irresistible urge to grunt like a Viking. 😉 And to prove how easy it is, our KIPR crew hit the road for the NPF Regional Conferences to put it to the test. Turns out we’re not the only people using it to connect with others. Check out some of the ice-breaking, tongue-twisting, logic-smashing answers attendees provided:

  • “My most common psoriasis symptoms are…flaking, itching and being a Mets fan”
  • “I manage my psoriasis with…drugs, diet and watching “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”
  • “My psoriasis symptoms are…limping, itching and sitting in a bean bag chair in my underwear eating Cheetos.”
  • “My psoriasis symptoms include…scratching, flaking and always dancing the conga!”
  • “My psoriasis symptoms are…itching, burning and shouting expletives!”
  • “I manage my psoriasis with…pain management, medication and dressing up like a chicken and dancing in the rain”

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