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True Self-Care and the Beauty of Living Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Nobody’s perfect. And those of us with psoriasis have the skin to prove it. But just owning up to the simple truth that we all have imperfections can be the first step in mastering the art of self-care.

Now when we say “self-care”, we are not talking about spa days and bubble baths. True self-care can be tough, it can be uncomfortable! It’s facing life head on and not hiding because of imperfections. Self-care helps you build a life that you don’t need to escape from on a regular basis. It instills the strength to go out when you have a flare up rather than stay home and binge-watch again.

No one will blame you for choosing a comfy couch over a potentially uncomfortable situation. But that can be part of the problem. So how do you bring a little self-care into your life?

For many, it’s often doing what you least want to do. It’s enforcing a healthy lifestyle – being relentless in your daily skin routine, making sure you get enough sleep, preparing healthy meals, taking your medicine, exercising when it is the last thing you want to do. And self-care requires us to enjoy the simple, everyday things in life. No matter how big or small. Take a look outside your window right now. It may not be raining jelly beans but it doesn’t mean you can’t go outside and appreciate the warmer weather.

With your grit and a dose of humor, you are ready to start the self-care journey. And next time you feel overwhelmed by psoriasis, you may find it just a little easier not to shy away. You may even catch yourself sending your friends a text that reads, “Red alert! I’m having a flare up but it’s not stopping me from going out tonight. Who’s in?”

Let’s step outside of that comfort zone and allow self-care to help you simply be you…at work…at home…in the moments that matter.